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Governor Brown To Decide This Month on Strongest-In-Nation Patient Protections Against Surprise Medical Bills

These unexpected medical bills are a shock to family finances at an already stressful time. This long-standing injustice in our health system is even more intolerable as these bills could financially destabilize many of the lower-income families who are newly insured under the ACA. California health consumers can’t wait any longer for this important protection.

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Governor Brown to Decide if Consumers will be Notified of Unreasonable Premium Rate Increases

Even though state regulators review health insurance rates and unjustified rates are often retracted, some insurers go ahead and charge the unreasonable rate with no notice to consumers. SB 908 would make sure consumers are aware of these unjust rates and have the chance to find a more affordable option. The bill now awaits action […]

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Justice Department Sues to Block 2 Big Health Insurance Mergers

Good news for health consumers! Last week, the US Justice Department (USDOJ) announced it is suing to block the Anthem-Cigna and Aetna-Humana mergers, which have been under intense scrutiny by regulators and consumer advocates. The suits allege these deals violate antitrust laws and will harm consumers, seniors, working families and individuals, and employers and healthcare […]

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Key Bill Pass Health Committees, Capping a Productive Half-Year of Progress

Earlier this week, the Assembly and Senate Health Committees passed a series of key patient protection bills to increase transparency and protect consumers from unfair health care costs. Sponsored by Health Access California, these measures would prevent patients from facing surprise out-of-network medical bills and mid-year cost-sharing increases, and provide notice of unjustified premium rate […]

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